My Unique Avater

       Everyone has an avatar, even if it is not on your profile, you have probably imagined yourself  in a cartoon form before. A lot prettier, taller or a slightly better version of yourself. When making your avatar there are three different types of people. The people who personalize the avatar to really look like them, and there are the people who create almost a whole new person. Then there are the people that are a mix of both, that is the category I fall in anyways. My avatar is very unique though. My eyes are a light brown, I have brown curly hair, and  caramel skin. My accessories blush, mascara, earrings, a beauty mark under my right eye, blue lipstick and a blue shirt. In real life my eyes are a dark brown, I still have thick, curly, dark brown hair and caramel skin.  Some things that are UNREALISTIC for me is the fact that I am wearing makeup(Not allowed), The beauty mark is closer to the inside of the eye,and I don’t have those earrings or shirt(DUH). So this avatar is fifty percent me and the other half not really me, but one hundred percent UNIQUE. I love my avatar because it is the only one I preferably look like. 

Here is the link I used the make my UNIQUE avatar. Go to:  Face Your Manga 


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My Anti-Bucket List

to do listCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight 

    Everyone I always making bucket lists or things they are doing to do before they die. Well I have decided to change things up, I will talk about my anti bucket list. There are  so many things you want to do. You could just make life easier and make a list of things you never want to do or have happen before you die.

    I am going to list my top three things I don’t want in my lifetime. #1 Swim with sharks; first of all you are underwater with nothing but scuba gear, a limit on air, and some self defense tools…against the jaws of FURY! That is a big no-no! #2 Go camping; I really don’t understand why people do this at this point. It is like being a homeless person for a while. Also you are guaranteed to encounter these things called BUGS! They are always crawling, watching… waiting for you to open your mouth. After I heard bugs I was out. #3 Get a tattoo; Why would you get a permeate, painful drawing on your body? Also since it is permeate, what happens if  it bleeds through or the artist messed up. Yeah it will look like a blurry mess of color. Your tattoo says something about you, so make sure you are sending the right message. Well this is only 3 things off of my Anti- Bucket List. What do you have on your anti-bucket list?