Proper Commenting

Typing on Keyboard [top view]Creative Commons License Mary Cullen via Compfight

    Hey, Its Cheriden, duh, and I am coming at you guys with the proper way to comment. The second best thing about blogging is commenting and receiving comments, so when you send them you want them to be “Highway comments” not “Dead end comments”. A highway comment is  a very detailed comment that you can respond to and keep the conversation going, a dead end comment is a very short comment that can be answered by a yes, no, or nothing at all…the conversation is over before it even starts. I am going to list some guidelines for you to follow when making a High way comment. 

First you might want to know how to even get a chance to comment.

  1. Find the blog you want to comment on 
  2. Select the button that says , “Read More” 
  3. On the right there is a comment box
  4. Click on that box and type your comment 
  5. Read over it and make sure it is an highway comment and it makes sense 
  6. In the very left corner click the “Post Comment” button and you are done  

This is how you actually make a good comment.

  1. Be kind in every word you send. If you would not say if to them to there face don’t say it. 
  2.  Start by giving the blogger a compliment on their writing piece, make sure to be specific. 
  3. You could ask a question, then they would have to respond and keep the conversation rolling along. 
  4. Stay on topic of the bloggers subject. If someone was blogging about makeup don’t make a comment saying, “Are you coming to the football game tonight?”  
  5. Try to connect with the readers, if they are blogging about something that reminds you of something, share that with them.
  6.  Before you send it make sure you are using correct punctuation and capitalization
  7. Write in full sentences and stay away from using abbreviations, such as LOL, OMG, TTYL and stuff like that.