My Halloween Poem

Activity 1  

If you did not know, in class we were talking and learning about citations. A citation is a way of giving credit to the author or websites who’s work you copied and put in your work. We talked about having to cite books, magazines, newspapers, and web sites or other online resources that you take information/pictures from. It is very important to cite your sources or people will think that the ideas you got from someone else are yours. You can cite your source by giving the author, the URL, or simply the website you got the information from.

Activity 2

Halloween Snacks

Related image


Candy sitting on a table 

Four different kinds

They look so good, to good to eat

Both shapes are very unique

I could quickly finish these off in a matter of seconds 


The pumpkins candies are perfect for the season

The yellow, orange and white are so original 

The orange,blue, and white remind me of a sunset 

The brown candies look as if the are Reese’s flavored    

 Piles of yummy candy for a Halloween treat         


5 thoughts on “My Halloween Poem

  1. Hi I’m Angela! I am a sixth grader in Mrs. Hughes class. I have been assighed to you! I go to Camarena Elementary, and live in California. My favorite candy has to be Twix. Are you a left Twix or a Right Twix? Anyways, it has been fun reading your post, keep on doing what your doing!

    • Hi Angela, I am Cheriden as your know I am a 6th grader,too. I am apart of Ms. Ives class at Gray Middle School in Kentucky.The thing is that I was going to do the blog about the amazing Twix!! What I think is so cool is that my All Time favorite candy is TWIX!!! By the way I love both left and right Twix;)

  2. I love the way you added the part about coping other people’s quotes or images because that is very important! Thank you for taking the time to write about this!

    • Hi Sandra,
      You are right it is really important to quote your sources and images, and I am happy to help inform people of citations. Hey next time could you do me a favor and leave your blog site, so I can look at yours, too.

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